Sometimes walking can actually be the easiest and quickest way to get around (particularly in the city centre). It’s also good for your health and free. Free walking directions can be accessed on the Walk It website:

Walk It Leeds

Staying safe

To find out more about the rules of driving in the UK you should read the Highway Code. The Highway Code is the national set of rules and advice for all road users which is available on the GOV.UK website

Rules for Pedestrians

Here are a few tips:

  • Remember traffic drives on the left in the UK.
  • Do not try to cross the road while texting or looking at your mobile phone.
  • Try to use safe crossing places wherever possible such as Zebra Crossings (the ones without a button) or Pelican crossings (the ones with buttons that control traffic lights), footbridges over the road or islands.
  • Use the Green Cross Code for more advice to help you cross the road safely The Green Cross Code
  • It is a good idea to wear hi-visibility or reflective clothing to help you be seen, especially in bad weather or at night.

Last Updated: 29 June 2018

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