Post Office Card Accounts are similar to bank accounts, but can only be used to receive Welfare Benefit payments. They can be easier to set up than a bank account.

A Job Centre Plus advisor can help you set an account up.

You will be given a Post Office card account with a plastic card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you can use to get your money out at the Post Office.

Be aware, the Post Office Card cannot be used in cash machines and you cannot pay wages into this sort of account.

How to open an account

Do not go to the Post Office to open a Post Office Card Account. You can only arrange them through the Jobcentre Plus.
(city centre): 21-22 Park Pl, Leeds LS1 2SL
0843 487 1844
(city centre): 35 Eastgate, Leeds LS2 7RE
0345 604 3719
(East Leeds): 529 York Rd, Leeds LS9 6TF
0345 604 3719
What is the Jobcentre Plus?

To get your money out at a Post Office

There are 2 Post Office branches in Leeds City Centre:
116 Albion St, Leeds LS2 8LQ
6 – 16 New York Street, Leeds, 6-16 New York St, Leeds LS2 7DZ

There are also smaller Post Office branches in local areas of Leeds. You can find your local branch here:

Post Office Branch Finder

Last Updated: 3 January 2019

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