Council accommodation is usually unfurnished.

This means you will need to buy carpets and furniture for your new home, as well as large electrical appliances like a fridge or a washing machine or a cooker.

Some private rented accommodation is furnished, some is part furnished, some are completely unfurnished. Check with the landlord what is provided, before you sign up for the place.

You should apply for an interest free Integration Loan

This will help to cover costs of items like clothing, furniture, and essential items like carpets, a sofa, beds and “white goods” (cooker, fridge, washing machine)

Refugee Integration Loans

You should apply to the Leeds City Council Welfare Support Scheme

You don’t need to be referred but it is better if you are. They may be able to help with providing some items like a cooker or a fridge.

Leeds Welfare Support Scheme

You can save money by getting second hand (used) furniture and white goods from furniture stores like St Jude’s or Leeds and Moortown Furniture Store.

You will need to be referred there, so you could ask your Housing officer or an advice agency to refer you.

Furniture Stores

St Jude’s Furniture Store
Leeds and Moortown Furniture Store

Second-hand furniture shops

Emmaus Leeds Shops
Slate Feel Good Furniture Shop

Last Updated: 27 August 2019

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