In the UK, the supply of Water, Electric and Gas to a home care called “Utilities”.

All properties are connected to the water and electricity supply. Only some properties are connected to gas. Electricity and Gas supplies pass through meters which record how much gas or electric is used in a property. Some properties also have water meters.

When you move into a property, you must

  • Check to see what kind of meters you have
  • Take a meter reading – a note of the current numbers on the meter
  • Register with a water company, an electricity supplier (and gas if there is gas).

Some landlords may include some of your bills in the rent. If your landlord does not do this, you will need to set up your utility bills when you move into your accommodation. This includes gas, electricity and water.

Registering with a Water Supplier

Your water supplier in Leeds is Yorkshire Water. When you contact them, they will ask you for:

  • Your name
  • Your address and post code
  • The date you moved into your property
  • Your previous address
  • How you wish to pay your bills

You can do this online or by phone:
Register with Yorkshire Water
0345 1 24 24 24

If you are on a low income or benefits you may be eligible for the Water Direct Scheme. This takes the cost of your water directly from your Benefits payments.

You can find out more about this scheme here:
Struggling to Pay Your Water Bill
0345 1 299 299.

Finding out your current energy supplier

Your accommodation will usually already have an energy supplier, which has been supplying gas and electricity to the person who lived there before you. You may be able to find out who this is by asking your landlord or letting agent, or you may receive a letter from the supplier after you move in.

Or you can use the uSwitch website to find helpline numbers you can phone to find out.

Who Supplies My Gas and Electric

Setting up your Electric and Gas Supply

Citizen’s Advice have set up this simple step-by step guide to setting up your Electric and Gas:

Get Your Home Connected to a Gas or Electric Supply

Your MPAN and MPRN Meter Numbers

Sometimes when you try to switch your electricity supplier, you are asked for the ‘Meter Point Access Number’, which is also called the MPAN or S Number.

Similarly, Gas Providers sometimes want to know your “Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)”.

You can find these numbers on the front of your Gas and Electricity Meters.

Here is a detailed guide to finding these numbers on our meters.

Choosing the right Energy tariff

Paying for utilities can be very expensive so it is important you get the best deal possible. The best deal will depend on a number of things. Citizen’s Advice have written this guide to choosing the right deal or “tariff”.

Choose the Right Energy Tariff

Choosing the right Energy Supplier

You don’t need to stay with the same supplier. You can choose to look around for a new or cheaper supplier.

Money Buddies is a free service which can also help you switch energy suppliers. You can speak to a Money Buddy face to face either at their head office (on Wednesdays only) or at a One Stop Centre or Community Hub but you will need to make an appointment first.

Ebor Gardens Advice Centre, 93 Haslewood Drive, Leeds LS9 7PS
0113 2350276
Leeds Money Buddies (online chat also available)

There are many different websites that help you to compare energy prices.

This one, by Citizens’ Advice Bureau is independent, and up to date:

Energy Compare

Or you can switch suppliers online using comparison sites. Websites which have been recommended for comparing suppliers include:

Money Supermarket
Energy Helpline

You can find more here:

Compare Gas and Electricity Tariffs

When you contact an energy supplier they will ask you:

  • Your name
  • Your address and post code
  • The date you moved into your property
  • Your previous address
  • Your current meter readings
  • Your MPAN and MPRN Meter Numbers
  • How you wish to pay your bills

Last Updated: 25 October 2019

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