What You Need to know

This section tells you about how and where to get help when you or someone in your family feels unwell or is injured, using the UK’s healthcare system: the National Health Service or NHS.

The use of GPs (family doctors), Hospital and Community Services services are free for refugees. You will usually have to pay for dental treatment and sight tests.

What You Need to Take

You do not need ID or proof of address to attend medical appointments.

However, if you are registering for a new GP it’s a good idea to take your personal checklist with you, to make sure you can find details of you and your family quickly, if you need them.

In This Section

Finding a GP

GPs are family doctors and are normally the first health professionals you see when you have an illness or injury ... read more.

Mental health

Mental health difficulties are very common One person out of four experiences some kind of mental health problem at some ... read more.

Last Updated: 15 August 2019

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