Getting Help

Find our where to get advice, how to get an interpreter, & how to organise yourself so you get what you need.

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Becoming a Refugee

Find out what you need to know as a new refugee – what you need to do first, where you need to go, & what information you need to take with you.

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Find out what welfare benefits you can claim, & how to claim them.

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Banks & Finances

Find information on opening a Bank Account, using a cash machine, Post Office Card accounts, Credit Union Savings Accounts, & how to get help with with money problems.

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Find out how to find somewhere to live, the kind of places you can choose from, & how to get settled in.

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Find out how to get a job, the documents you’ll need, & what your rights are.

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Education and Study

Find out about all aspects of education for you & your children: from choosing a school to enrolling with a College.

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Find out the right place to get help with your health, as well as how to register with a GP, information on medicines, healthy living & health checks, as well as pregnancy & immunisations.

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Find out how you can stay safe in your home, in your neighbourhood, how to report crimes, & how to get help for people who are being harmed.

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Help for My Family

Find out where you can get extra help for adults, children & carers in your family.

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Find out how to get around Leeds by public transport, cycling & walking, as well what you’ll need to drive a car in the UK.

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Immigration Advice

Find out where to get extra legal advice around getting travel documents so that you can travel outside the UK, get reunited with family members, & apply for British Citizenship.

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Getting to Know Leeds

If you are not sure what help you want, look here.

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