Travelling outside the UK

If you want to travel to another country to visit, work or live long term you will need:

  • a Travel Document to allow you to travel by plane or ferry;
  • a visa to allow you to enter and stay in another country.

If you visit your country of origin, you may have your refugee status revoked or taken away.

If you are thinking of returning home, make sure you get immigration advice before travelling.

Applying for a Travel Document

Everybody in the UK needs a valid passport to travel to countries outside the UK.
If you do not have a valid national passport, you may need to apply for a Refugee Travel Document.

To apply for any document you must pay a fee, and a professional person must check and sign your photographs to confirm your identity.

You should get an immigration adviser to check your application before you send it.
Not all countries accept a Travel Document. Check the Home Office website or seek immigration advice before travelling.

For more information about travel documents and to apply visit:

Home Office Travel Documents Overview

Applying for a visa

It is likely that you will need a visa to enter another country.

To find out, check with the Embassy of the country you are travelling to.
Countries have different visa arrangements.

Sometimes you have visit the country’s embassy in the UK. Sometimes you can do this by post.
Countries have the right to refuse giving you a visa to travel.

It is therefore very important to look into whether you need and can get a visa to travel before you book any tickets for your trip.
Seek immigration advice before travelling and booking your tickets.

Where you need to go


You can use the UK.GOV’s webpage to find advisers in Leeds and check what level they are qualified to. You should also check if they charge a fee.

Find an Immigration Adviser

What you need to take with you

Last Updated: 15 August 2019

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