What you need to know

All children should be in school by the September following their 5th birthday at the latest.

Many children start school in the September after their 4th birthday. However, children can start in the September after their 5th birthday if you don’t think they are ready or they are younger (born between 1 April and 31 August).

Children move to secondary school in September after their 11th birthday and must stay until they are 16. In England, all students must continue with either study or training until they turn 18.

They can choose to do this in school or at college.

Find out more about options for study or training in Leeds for over 16 year-olds here:
Training for 16 year olds
The school year starts in September, ends in July and there are three terms during the school year.

You can find out the dates on Leeds City Council’s website:

Term Dates
Find the schools near you

Find Your Local School
All primary schools in Leeds are on this map:

Map of all Primary Schools in Leeds
All secondary schools in Leeds are on this map:

Map of all Secondary Schools in Leeds
Parents must apply to the schools they wish their children to attend.

Last Updated: 29 June 2018

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