What you need to know

Government issued documents are very important and you should keep them safe.

They are your main form of identification/ID.
If you cannot show original documents to Agencies, they may not be able to help you.

These documents include:

  • Determination of asylum claim letter
  • The Biometric Residence Permit
  • NASS/Section4 Termination Letter
  • NASS 35
  • National Insurance Number

What you need to do

It is very important you keep these documents safe, in a folder or in a plastic wallet.

When you apply for housing, benefits, work or bank accounts, you may need these documents.
Do not send original copies of important documents in the post, unless you are asked to do so.

If an agency asks if you can send your original documents, ask if they can take a “certified copy” or “validated copy” there and then, so you can hold on to your original documents.

If you must post the original documents, take them to the Post Office and ask for them to be sent ‘recorded delivery’. This costs £1.86 for a large (a4 sized letter) but you can check to see that it has been delivered using the Post Office ‘Track and Trace’ service:

Track and Trace

Last Updated: 29 June 2018

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